Yes, I’m back, but just with a quick message about grabbing up quick money and Pandaria items from the Darkmoon Faire. When Cata was released, the DarkMoon Faire was updated to exist on its own little island. Surrounding the island are junk pools that can be fished. In fact, these are the ONLY fishing pools in the zone! Back in Cata, these pools contained all sorts of profitable items such as Pyrite Ore, Embersilk, and Mythic Healing Potions. With the release of Mists of Pandaria, the Sealed Create that is fished up from these pools will contain Pandarian items like Windwool Cloth, Kypyrite, Master Healing potion>/a>, Black Trillium Ore, White Trillium Ore, and best of all, Mote of Harmony!

In 20 minutes, I pulled in 10 healing potions, 15 Windwool Cloth, 9 Kypyritem, 3 Black Truillium Ore, 5 White Trillium Ore, and 1 Mote of Harmony!!! That’s quite a haul for 20 minutes of time, and on top of it, I raised my fishing skill another 2 points!

Get yourselves over there and start fishing!

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  • Yeah i agree as cata was released that was pretty fast!

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