Mogging vs server population


I run my main account on a low population server. It’s just where I transferred to a couple years back to play with some friends who eventually left the game. I still run a few characters on my original server (from vanilla) which is now medium population. Lately, being really bored with WoW’s current content, most all of my time is spent just in the AH. My main product is mog gear.

I’m running mog vendors on both servers, and as you may suspect, there is a huge difference between sales. That said, i do handle mog sales a lot different that other gold makers out there. I realized that if I post pieces at between 1000g and 2000g, I am lucky to sell more than one or two in the span of a week. Demand is simply not there for the pieces. However, by posting my pieces at between 300g and 500g, I’m selling between 15 and 20 pieces a day, on both the low and med population servers. (usually more on the med pop server than the low pop.)


I start off my routine by posting all the items I currently have (almost 600 separate auctions right now. THANK YOU TSM AUCTION GROUPS!) Then I go through my Auctionator shopping lists and buy up any pieces I see that are posted within a reasonable range. Typically this means anything below 50g, but that depends on the piece. I’m not going to pay 50g for a circlet or belt unless it goes with a set that sells particularly well. Boneshredder and Bandit leather are two examples of these. (I expect theseĀ  to sell a lot more once monks hit the scene with MoP.) Occasionally I’ll buy out a competitor’s piece for 100g or so, but I’d say that the average price I pay for an item is 15g. Finally, I add any of the new items to my Auction groups that aren’t already there, and post them.

I sit back and wait for the cash to roll in. I log in once or twice a day to buy up any new items and post them until my auctions expire and start all over again. A good tip is to stagger your auctions. Post half your stuff for 48 hours, then post the other half the next day. Having to pull 600 items from the mailbox to repost is more of a pain than 300.

I’m experimenting with a High population server right now where it seems only one person is working with mog gear in the AH. They are only doing plate mogs, so the rest of the market is wide open! I’m going to level up a character from level 1, pull in 10k to start with (mining and herb and then some flipping should give this to me within a few days) and buy up all the mog items I can for repost at my pricing. We’ll see what happens!



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