Sometimes life just gets in the way…


I’ve been loaded down with school, work, and home-life burdens.  That said, my series of posts on my gold-making strategy is just going to be delayed. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been working on it, but I just don’t have nearly as much  time to devote to the project right now.

It’s coming!  Just not as quickly as I had hoped!!



One Comment to “Sometimes life just gets in the way…”

  • I’ve always liked to hear indie songs in cemcormials, because they’re songs I don’t know of. Hearing new music is awesome, and cemcormials always had unknown songs to them. Lately, there’s been quite a few cemcormials featuring mainstream songs and I find that very annoying. I listen to the radio so hearing the same songs being played on an ad as well is boring, and I think it takes away some of the creativity out of it. Keep bringing on the indie tunes for those of us who find it hard to search for new bands to like on YouTube. Being popular with a wide variety of people doesn’t automatically mean the creativity was sucked out of their material.

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