Children’s week is upon us!  Go grab an Azerothian Orphan and wade into the battlegrounds with them at your side!

This year I’ve jumped the gun and prepared to make a chunk of money off of this event! Here’s how I’m doing it:
First of all, you’ll want to check out the WowHead guide on Children’s Week. I’m focusing on one of the main achievements during the event, “Bad Example“. To receive the achievment, you have to eat a selection of wonderfully delicious sweets while your orphan watches. (Most likely crying their head off!)

Some of these treats can be purchased from the vendor, Aimee, who stands just outside of the Horde bank in Dalaran. However, the Tasty Cupcake and Delicious Chocolate Cake can only be made through cooking, and the recipes come from random drops.

Tasty Cupcake – This one is pretty easy to make so long as you have the recipe. It only takes 2 flour and 1 norther egg to make 5 cupcakes.


Delicious Chocolate Cake – This is much more demanding to create. It requires:

8 x Simple Flour – Sold by most Trade Craft vendors

4 x Ice Cold Milk – Sold by most Food and Drink vendors

4 x Mild Spices – Sold by most Trade Craft vendors

8 x Small Egg – Farmed most easily from the Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings outside of Silvermoon.

1 x Flask of Port – Can be purchased by only a few vendors. Best to get it from Sarah Brady in the sewers of Dalaran.

3x Mageroyal – Farmed up in lower level zones.


Due to the rarity of the recipe, and the difficulty in getting together the materials to make the cake, this one is a great one to pre-make and sell in the AH.

Turning this knowledge into cash!

You can probably already see that there will be a market for the more difficult to obtain items like Small Eggs and Flask of Port.  You would be correct on this, and you’ll probably already see people posting these items in the AH right now. I’ve taken it a step further.

Since we all know that people tend to be really lazy in WoW, I’ve decided to package everything needed for the achievement into one bundle. I gathered up enough materials and baked up enough cupcakes and cakes for 50 bundles. In total, I probably spent about two hours. Here’s what I ended up with:

Bank slots full of sweets!!!  I shifted my bag addon to six columns so that I could fill my bags and easily be able to trade the items to a customer. The only item that doesn’t stack is the Delicious Chocolate Cake, so I’ll have to run to the bank every so often to grab more.

You may notice one item missing from this seven required for the achievement… Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream. This item is actually sold by vendors in each major city during the Children’s week event. I would have purchased these beforehand for my bundle, but since you are limited to only being able to trade six items at a time, I decided that it would be easiest if I just park myself next to the vendor and sell my bundles from there.


The question comes in as to how much to charge. I originally thought I would sell them for 500g, and on a higher population server, you may find that they will sell well. My server doesn’t seem to have a lot of high-rollers on it, so I’m going to bark them out for 250g a bundle. I will also be selling Small Eggs in stacks of 8 for 10g, single Flask of Port for 10g, and Delicious Chocolate Cake for 50g a pop in the AH, just to try to cover all of my bases.


What plans do you have for gleeming a few extra gold from the event?


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  • Actually Flask of Port is sold by a lot of vendors. I think almost all major city has a vendor that sells it. But you can probably make some gold reselling it anyway 🙂

    • Wowhead shows the vendor for the Flask of Port in most major cities, but that is incorrect. Those vendors do not carry the product anymore. At least… they did not before 4.1 hit. I honestly have not checked again to see! 🙂

  • intesresting consideration

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