Essence of Air – Still a money-maker!


Last month, Kuja over at Kuja’s Gold Mine made this post about farming Essence of Air.  Silithus is really the only place to farm them, and the drop rate was nerfed pretty hard when Cata released. On many servers, these will sell for between 150g and 300g each. Why so much you ask?  Well, they are required for the following items:

Enchant 2H Weapon – Agility (4)
Enchant Weapon – Agility (4)
Enchant Weapon – Icy Chill (1)

Force Reactive Disk (8)

Robe of the Archmage (10)

Arcanite Sword Pendant (4)

Mongoose Boots (6)
Stormshroud Armor (3)
Stormshroud Gloves (4)
Stormshroud Pants (2)
Stormshroud Shoulders (3)


The number following the recipe is the number of essences required to make the item. The agility enchants are reputation purchases from Timbermaw, and they have no level requirement for use. This means that they are ideal twink enchants.


I’ve started to keep a hold on the market for Essence of Air recently. Occasionally I’ll see one pop up in the AH for under 30g, and I quickly grab it up.  I list them at 200g and they sell within a day. Farming these really doesn’t take much time at all, and with a lvl 85 character, it takes me three minutes to get from Orgrimmar to the spawn location.  Drop rates vary drastically, but my figures (from mobinfo2 addon) show that I’m getting about 5% drop rate from lvl 55 Dust Stormers and 5% from lvl 54 Dust Stormers.  The mobs also drop Elemental Air, Breath of Wind which are used by many recipes, and a large amount of Inert Elemental Shard which sell to a vendor for 6g a stack, and Inert Elemental Piece which sell for 1g a stack.  Various greens drop as well.

An added bonus to this run is that the Twilight Prophet wanders into the south end of this area and drops between 7 and 10 Encrypted Twilight Text which can be turned in nearby for Cenarion Circle reputation.


Here’s the location for the Dust Stormer spawns:


And here is the beastie you are looking for:


The quickest way to get there (for Horde) is to take the portal from Orgrimmar to Uldam, then fly north into Silithus and up to the NorthWest corner of the zone. I work from the right to left, clockwise around the mountain there, and by the time i’ve completed the run and flown back to the starting point, the mobs are already respawning. (I’ll see if I can get a video of the run posted soon!)

If the prices are high on your server, you should definitely take a look at this. Pulling 10 essences in over the span of one hour, equates to 2000g profit for me. Let me know your luck if you give this a try!



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