Initial trek into Goblinhood

I’ve been lurking around the popular gold blogs for a long while, and I’ve picked up and tried lots of tips here and there. I’ve bought a few gold guides and pulled one or two small gems of info out of them, but honestly, very few of these guides will ever tell you more than what you can find free by googling and reading various forums related to making gold. (I will give a kudo shout out for Marko’s 20K Leveling guide. It contained some great info that I had not run across elsewhere, especially with regard to advanced Auctioneer features.) My main point here though is that most of the info I have come across has been found by searching, reading blog posts (and more importantly the comments to posts), and by my own trial and error. You have to put some effort into trying things out on your own in order to make a gold or two. Not everything that works for someone else is going to work for you, because economies vary greatly from one server to the next.
Pop over to The Undermine Journal and look up any item:

Here I’ll use Bold Inferno Ruby:

As you can see, the price of the gem varies by almost 100g between the cheapest and highest prices. Every item will have fluctuation like this, so when you see people stating that they are selling netherweave bags and making tons of gold, you need to look at your own server’s AH first to see how prices will compare.

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