Those damn new Meta Recipes!

I have an alt that used to be my old main back in the day. I transferred him to my current server right after Wrath came out, but never really leveled him up any higher. A month or so ago, I dropped mining and blacksmithing from him to start leveling Enchanting and Jewelcrafting. Last week, I was capped at 450 in both because he was still only at level 72. I tried to push him up to 75 before 4.0.6 was released, but real life got in the way. Even still, I kept a watchful eye out for the new mete gem recipes.
I set up notifications through The Undermine Journal so I would know if a recipe showed up in the AH, but only two have so far. The first one sold within an hour, for only 250g, and I missed it. Last night, another appeared without a buyout. I bid ~775g for it, but within fifteen minutes, the auction was canceled. (This is something I hate about the AH. I really don’t feel that you should be able to cancel an auction if bids have already been posted to it… that’s a rant for another time though.)

So… now that I’ve managed to push my alt up to 75 and can begin really crafting gems for profit, I’m still lacking these recipes. There are still only three to five people on the Horde side of my server who appear to have any of the new mete recipes, so I still have hope of making gold from it if I can get one into my hands. I see that the market is dropping on them on other servers, so I can only be hopeful that I’ll get one as a drop or a cheap sale in the AH soon!

Has anyone seen any trend to them dropping from certain mobs yet? Certain zones? Anything?


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