Newbie Goblin starting point!

As I’ve said previously, I’ve been lurking around the gold blogs for a while, and I’ve played with making gold a bit. Now I’m going to make the start to see what I can really accomplish!  I think that I will be in the same boat as many newbie goblins, so I’m going to list what I am starting with, and continue to post updates based on what I see working, or not working!

Here are the characters I have right now:

85 Undead Death Knight – Herbalism and Alchemy both at 525
75 Undead Rogue – Jewelcrafting and Enchanting both at ~500
9 Undead Priest – AH alt
13 Tauren Paladin – Leather craft and skinning – I’m leveling this guy up to 85, and will probably drop leatherworking for Tailoring, since bags will always make a little money.

I currently have about 7500g between my characters, and a little bit of mats for jewel, alchemy, and enchants.

My wife runs an 85 DK with mining and blacksmithing, so I can utilize her for some mats, but she’s not a hardcore farmer. I don’t plan on using her to get ore to prospect, but I’m sure that a stack or two will come my way from her.

Moving forward, I’m looking at enchants and jewels for making money in the short term. I’m grinding on Cata mobs in hope that one of the new meta gem recipes will drop for me. There are not a lot of them on my server right now, so I need to get into that marker while it’s still a viable source of income.

So… that’s where I stand. I’ll keep updates coming with how I manage to work out going forward.


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