You can’t watch the AH 24/7 !

This kills me… this happened about 15 minutes after I checked the remote AH, rolled over, and went to sleep for the night:

Design: Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond

I got a text notification from The Undermine Journal when this posted, but I was already out cold. I need to see if they have a notification setting that can ring a loud alarm over my bed when something I’m watching for gets posted!!

Somebody got a great deal on this one… I feel… teased by the AH!!!

*EDIT* – I logged in just after making this post and picked up Formula: Enchant Bracer – Agility for 500g. It’s been selling for around 10k on my server. The sad part is that the enchant is level 515 (which I am at right now), but it requires a Runed Elementium Rod, which can only be purchased in Twilight Highlands from the Shard Trader. My enchanter is lvl 75.  🙁   The teasing continues…


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