Alt guilds and bank alts

Bangkok Bill made a great post yesterday about bank alts, and I’m going to follow up on that with info about alt guilds. My guild consists of two active players right now, my wife and myself. Even with seven tabs in the bank, I find that a lot of room is taken up by old supplies and crafting mats that we rarely use unless leveling up a character. I had heard about people setting up bank alts with alternate guilds, so I decided that it was time to give this a try. It was incredibly easy, and now I have a new bank alt with a new guild, and tons of space to store things. Here’s what I did:

I had a lvl 12 goblin rogue that I hadn’t really played with much, so I figured  that he would make a good alt for posting auctions.

  1. I mailed 1500g to him from my main, and logged him in.
  2. I ran over to the guild NPC and grabbed a guild charter.
  3. I called out trade chat offering 25g for guild signatures (it only takes four people to start a guild now)
  4. Within fifteen minutes and for 75 gold, I had my additional three signatures.
  5. I turned in the guild charter to the guild NPC
  6. I opened the guild window and removed the other people from the guild.

That’s it!  🙂

I ran to the bank and bought a couple guild bank tabs to start with. I’ll buy up more later today.

The goal here is to be able to have some space to store some of the junk overflow that I mentioned before, but primarily to have several slots available for storing inventory for auctions. I have another alt that I want to add to the guild so that I can post with either character to keep anyone watching my posts off-guard a little bit. I’m also going to start tracking down some suppliers, and this will be a good place for me to store ore inventory that will be sent to my JC for prospecting. (I’m going to make a post soon about my quest to set up suppliers.)

The best thing about this is that I don’t have to worry as much about bag space when I’m crafting. Typically, I craft, fill up my bags, and then have to run over and post that batch before I can craft any more. This way, I just mail it off, and can make a mass post with the alt a little later.


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  • I have a similar setup. You'll be surprised how fast all those shiney new tabs fill up.

    Organizing all of my pack-rat goods is fun though.

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