My cup runneth under!

I’ve been a little behind in posting this week, as work and school have pushed the blog to the back-burner. I’ve still been pretty active in game though, and over the past week I managed to build my bank up by another 10k. This is a pretty good increase since all I have been doing is selling enchants and shuffling some ore around. Ore on my server has dropped significantly in price, and I’ve been able to buy up stacks for 40g a piece. While this was great at the beginning, spending a few hours prospecting, cutting, vending, DEing, just pulled the fun back out of the game!  I’m going to hold off on any large ore purchases for a while and just stick with profession stuff to see how that goes…

On that note… WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE?!  This past couple days, my sales dropped down to a couple hundred gold. I’ve had a bit of competition with an AH bot, but it seems that my GM ticket managed to get him banned. Thinking that someone else may have taken his place, I checked my auctions and found that I’m the only one with these enchants posted. The same enchants that have been selling two and three a day for the prior week. Nothing is selling!  Last night, a Friday night, is usually one of my higher selling evenings, but Org was pretty dead and quiet compared to how it normally has been. When i logged in this morning I had a whopping 197g in the mailbox, and again, Org was pretty quiet. My wife has had the crafted armor market in her pocket for the past month, and the last weeks sales for her dropped by thousands too!

Has anyone seen the same thing happening on their server?  I know that it’s the start of Spring Break, so that could have something to do with it. As well, Rift has pulled a lot of the older players away who were feeling a bit bored with WoW. I’m tempted to try Rift out, but my wife is on a Mac, and I’m not sure if I want to have to play it in secret to avoid the beating she’d give me for leaving her behind in Wow for a while. 🙂


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  • You better believe that Rift has a bit to do with it. I have seen my server's overall auctions drop from mid 30's to today's at 26K.

    So the way I am figuring, that's around 25% reduction. Less posters, less sales, less supply and demand.

    I am sad to say that I am seeing less of my "low" level weapons and armor selling, a drop in around 50% of them as well. That would explain the "newbies" (non 85's basically) killing off wow and heading towards the beauty and fun playability of Rift.

    Now it's only a waiting game to see what happens….

  • I figured that Rift is a big reason in the recent decline of people buying up my stuff. I think it is probably safe to say that a lot of the older players who have been in WoW since Vanilla took this opportunity to try something new. I've personally taken breaks from WoW several times in the past.. DAoC, CoH, L2, and Warhammer were good enough to pull me away for a while, but I always found my way back.

    I wonder if Rift may be too far advanced over WoW to bring players back. Wow is WAY behind in visual technology, working with predominantly the same modeling structure since vanilla. Miss Mediocre posted an image of her WoW and Rift characters next to each other. It was night and day. I think that WoW's only saving grace may be that storyline content has always been pretty good. I haven't tried Rift and haven't talked with anyone playing it, so I can't really make a comparison.

    All I can really say is thank goodness Rift isn't available for Mac yet. That will leave some people still in WoW to buy my stuff! 🙂


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