Bye-bye Mr Bot! Getting rid of the AH competition!

About two weeks ago, I noticed a new competitor in my scroll market. They were constantly undercutting me, and by constant, I mean that within minutes of my posts I would be undercut. At first I figured that they were managing to log in just after the times that I posted. I shifted my schedule a little bit, but found that the same issue kept occurring. It started to really frustrate me, and I even noticed that my other only real competitor had started to post less frequently because of the undercuts.

I did some research on the suspicious character, and when looking them up on TUJ this is what their sales times looked like:

Every day, they logged in at 10pm and logged out at 11am, except for Tuesday (patch day). They would post several hundred auctions just before logging out. Suspicious? I’ll say!

I looked them up on the armory and found that they were a lvl 1 alt and part of four-person guild that consisted of one 85, one 83, and one other lvl 1. I added all four members to my friend’s list and by watching them log in and out of game for the next day, I was pretty certain that the two high-level characters were on one account and the other lvl 1’s were on a separate account. Checking on all of the auctions that my “foe” had posted, it was evident that they simply stayed logged in buying items in the AH all night and re-posting them, with the final big post before logging out. I tracked down the little beastie in the Org  AH, and saw that he logged into the exact same spot every time, right in front of an Auctioneer, and was always set to “AWAY”.

I considered making a bunch of Heavy Leather Balls and just throwing them at the character to fill up their bags, but decided that I had enough info to open a ticket. So that’s exactly what I did. I opened a ticket that stated what I had found while investigating the character, when they logged in/out, where they logged in/out, and the names of the other characters in the guild. I received a message a few minutes later stating that the issue would be investigated.

The next day, the character wasn’t there. Nor was it there the day after. The lvl 85 and 83 are still around, and have made a couple of posts to the AH, but that competitor is now gone!  🙂

As a side bonus, it appears that the undercutting annoyed my other competitor so much that he has not logged in more than a handful of times lately, and is no longer in my way. I suspect that like many others, WoW has become a bit boring to him and he has wandered off to another MMO, or perhaps RL, until 4.1 comes out.

On that note… although I am the only one posting higher level scrolls right now, I haven’t made a single sale all week!  I went from a couple thousand a day in sales down to zero. ZERO!!!!  >:(   WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYONE?!?!?!

Anyway… Blizzard seems to know that the bots are an issue, and seems pretty serious about following up on tickets related to them. If you’ve got someone that is hurting your market, and info from TUJ seems to back up that idea that they are a bot, open up a ticket and put as much info into it as possible. You may get lucky like me and see them booted.


4 Comments to “Bye-bye Mr Bot! Getting rid of the AH competition!”

  • Love the screenshot. Yup. Thanks TuJ for the proof to kill off another bot! Feels good, huh Zath! I haven't seen this on my server, but am going to start checking….WoW…..

    I like the idea of tossing the leather balls in their sack…wait. That sentence just somehow doesn't sound right. Anyways, good idea there.

  • I picked that trick up during a Darkmoon Faire last year. Someone had a bot stationed to mine the rare item vendor all day. I waited, and every time they logged in I threw my balls at them over and over again. Can't mine the vendor when there is no space in your bag!

    Throwing your balls at someone can really ruin their day! 😉

  • Glad to hear that reporting bots is worthwhil. The fight must go on and we are the frontlines!

  • It’s probably not a bot, it’s probably an Australian player… those times are consistant with our play times… your night time.

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