Nothing gold-related in this post, but just wanted to let everyone know that life just got in the way for a little bit.
I’d love to sit home and play WoW all day and night, but I haven’t hit the lottery yet. (Still trying!) I’m going to school, working, managing a Computer Security conference in Boston in two weeks, and helping with an academic conference in Western Massachusetts the first week of June. That said, things have been pretty busy and will continue to be so for the next couple months.

I’m going to squeeze in as much WoW time as I can, and I’ll be kicking out some new posts, beginning with one later tonight. I will be shifting to my own domain running wordpress soon, and I’ll keep you posted with updated links when that happens.

More to come later tonight….


3 Comments to “Fell off the posting wagon, but I’m still here!”

  • Welcome back. Do you live in the Boston area? Just curious if that's a long trip for you.

  • Welcome back also,and good luck out there

  • Hi Kammler! Sorry to take so long to reply, but I've been tied up working on the new site.

    I moved form Cambridge out to Western MA last year to go back to school. I'm only about two hours outside of Boston, so it's a quick shot in for me. I'm usually there once a month or so, seeing friends or hitting up a club.

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