The other night, while running to the Grim Guzzler to grab some recipes for my Enchanter, I happened to find myself in the middle of a rock show!   Some of you may be familiar with The Tauren Chieftains (click the link if you are not) from when they performed in Shattrath. While you can still look up and wave to the band hanging out balcony in Silvermoon, did you know that they perform a show every night in BRD?!

The next time you have to make a run through Blackrock Depths, try to time it so that you catch their show. It happens every night at 8:00pm server time, and last for about five minutes. It’s quite a rockin’ event to watch, and can be a heck of a lot of fun if you show up with a bunch of guildies and start pounding back Dark Iron Ale before the show!



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