Quick money and Pandaria items from the Darkmoon Faire

Quick money and Pandaria items from the Darkmoon Faire

Yes, I'm back, but just with a quick message about grabbing up quick money and Pandaria items from the Darkmoon ...

Mogging vs server population

Mogging vs server population

  I run my main account on a low population server. It's just where I transferred to a couple years back ...

Why aren’t you bringing in piles of gold? You don’t have a plan, do you?

Why aren’t you bringing in piles of gold? You don’t have a plan, do you?

You've been reading blogs and making bits of gold here and there, but why aren't you bringing it in consistently? ...

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Confirmed: 4.1 cut uncommon gems vendoring for 75s

  Servers are up, and I just wanted to shoot out this confirmation for those who have been questioning this change.   More to come later today, after I check out a few more changes!

New site is up and live!! * zathinthehouse.com *

After a bit of work, the new site is live!  I still have a few tweaks to perform on the site, but it’s live and functioning enough for me to begin concentrating on daily posts again!  🙂 Please reset your blogroll links to point to the new location of zathinthehouse.com ( http://zathinthehouse.com ) -Zath

Fell off the posting wagon, but I’m still here!

Nothing gold-related in this post, but just wanted to let everyone know that life just got in the way for a little bit. I’d love to sit home and play WoW all day and night, but I haven’t hit the lottery yet. (Still trying!) I’m going to school, working, managing a Computer Security conference in Boston in two weeks, and helping with an academic conference in Western Massachusetts the first week of June. That said, things have been pretty busy and will continue to be so for the next couple months. I’m going to squeeze in as much WoW time […]

Nothin’ but crickets… where’d everyone go?

My cup runneth under! I’ve been a little behind in posting this week, as work and school have pushed the blog to the back-burner. I’ve still been pretty active in game though, and over the past week I managed to build my bank up by another 10k. This is a pretty good increase since all I have been doing is selling enchants and shuffling some ore around. Ore on my server has dropped significantly in price, and I’ve been able to buy up stacks for 40g a piece. While this was great at the beginning, spending a few hours prospecting, […]

Freedom of Information, or Trade Secrets

A brief pondering on how much gold-making info is given out for free, and how much is kept to ourselves. A short while ago, I was in my kitchen doing the dishes and wondering what my next post should be about. A light went off in my head… or more the point, a light went OFF over my head, as the kitchen light burned out once again. Rather annoyed at this inconvenience, I pondered why my light bulbs keep burning out while some of Edison’s first light bulbs are still glowing strongly. The answer is pretty simple: If light bulbs […]

Alt guilds and bank alts

Bangkok Bill made a great post yesterday about bank alts, and I’m going to follow up on that with info about alt guilds. My guild consists of two active players right now, my wife and myself. Even with seven tabs in the bank, I find that a lot of room is taken up by old supplies and crafting mats that we rarely use unless leveling up a character. I had heard about people setting up bank alts with alternate guilds, so I decided that it was time to give this a try. It was incredibly easy, and now I have […]

Setting up TUJ Notifcations

Are you using TUJ Notifications? You should be! Here’s how! The Undermine Journal is a fantastic resource for seeing what items are selling at what price in your server’s market. You can dig down to see what specific people are selling, and even see what hours your competition is posting auctions in case you want to push them out of your market. One of the best features of TUJ is the ability to set up notifications. TUJ will let you know when a specific item is posted at a price you are willing to pay. Here’s a good example of […]

You can’t watch the AH 24/7 !

This kills me… this happened about 15 minutes after I checked the remote AH, rolled over, and went to sleep for the night: Design: Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond I got a text notification from The Undermine Journal when this posted, but I was already out cold. I need to see if they have a notification setting that can ring a loud alarm over my bed when something I’m watching for gets posted!! Somebody got a great deal on this one… I feel… teased by the AH!!! *EDIT* – I logged in just after making this post and picked up Formula: Enchant […]

Experiment in flipping…

I decided to try a small experiment in flipping today. I saw that Greater Celestial Essence was selling for 45g a unit, and Lesser Celestial Essence was selling for 18g a unit. Knowing that each Greater can be converted to three Lesser, the math seemed in my favor: 45g / 3 = 15g per Lesser essence So, I purchased 10 x Greater Celestial Essence and converted them to 30 x Lesser Celestial Essence. I then posted them in the AH in stacks of 3 (the idea being that if someone needed 1 greater, they could buy my three lessers. No […]

Newbie Goblin starting point!

As I’ve said previously, I’ve been lurking around the gold blogs for a while, and I’ve played with making gold a bit. Now I’m going to make the start to see what I can really accomplish!  I think that I will be in the same boat as many newbie goblins, so I’m going to list what I am starting with, and continue to post updates based on what I see working, or not working! Here are the characters I have right now: 85 Undead Death Knight – Herbalism and Alchemy both at 52575 Undead Rogue – Jewelcrafting and Enchanting both […]